El Faro Newsletter

Current Issue

Our quarterly member newsletter, El Faro: La Voz de la Red, was initiated as another step toward integrating the NHSN Network, and is intended to give voice to our members and federal liaisons. This issues involve the input and suggestions of our members, and always seek opportunities to enlighten, applaud, question and discuss. We have linked El Faro closely to the Network website and will cross-link the two as much as possible.

El Faro 2023

The regular features of El Faro include:

  • Career Diva, in which senior members will offer career advice in response to questions posed by other members, questions that address problems and issues most of us may have experienced. We encourage our graduate student and early career members to submit their career and professional development questions to the Career Diva. This is an opportunity to receive well-considered advice from distinguished senior scientists. We also invite our senior members to volunteer to be one of our quarterly Divas.
  • Nuestra Voz: First Person will provide members an opportunity to share their insights and experiences with us in their own words. Each column will feature a first person account of a personal or professional learning experience that a member has encountered along her or his career journey.
  • New Member Interviews, recently elected members will introduce themselves and tell us about their work. This feature will help us keep up with our growing network and hopefully will inspire us to communicate with new members whose work is relevant to our own.
  • El Faro will also include regular columns with updates on our annual conference, Training Institute, international collaborations, and other NHSN activities. We will also bring you information on upcoming conferences and training opportunities, professional positions and post-docs, and funding opportunities. We will partner with our sister publication, Adelante! The Newsletter of NHSN Fellows, to cross-link information. We need you to send us announcements that may be of interest to our Network, so please, let us know what’s happening, and we will spread the word.