Organizational Partners

Network Partners are organizations or agencies whose major mission is to conduct research, to develop policy, or to provide advocacy or direct services to Hispanic communities.

These organizations function at the national, regional or local levels, representing interests and needs related to:

  • Hispanic drug abuse research
  • Clinical applications of Hispanic drug abuse research
  • Policy applications of Hispanic drug abuse research
  • Hispanic community needs relevant to drug abuse


Network Partnership provides local, regional and national organizations with:

  • A direct link to the NHSN
  • The ability to post available positions on the NHSN website
  • Access to Network member expertise for consultation and presentations on state-of-the-science drug abuse prevention and treatment practices with Hispanics.

Network Partners contribute to the Network their own expertise in working with Hispanic families and communities, helping to identify relevant research questions and funding needs.


Organizations interested in membership will submit an application describing the nature of the organization’s mission and scope of work, and their relationship to Hispanic drug abuse science. Organizations that do not fulfill all criteria to become organizational members will be granted Affiliate status. Specific examples include:

  • Organizations that do not have an active research program
  • Organizations that have an active research program but whose focus is only tangentially related to NHSN’s goals and focus
  • Organizations that do not have an active research program but that are involved in health care delivery or outreach efforts that are related to drug abuse in the Latino population

Local Government

Higher Education

Civic Organizations

Small Businesses

Private Agencies Serving Hispanics

Nonprofit Organizations Serving Students in Higher Education

Community-based Organizations