Early Career Leadership Committee

Scientific Advancement through Mentoring Initiative (SAMI)

Description: The Scientific Advancement through Mentoring Initiative (SAMI), currently in development, is an update to the ECLC mentoring initiative. We aim to:

  1. Retain underrepresented predoctoral, postdoctoral, and faculty scholars on research tracks
  2. Promote career development through goal-driven mentorship approaches, including the co-development of a mentorship plan by both mentor and mentee
  3. Address the diversity of mentorship and career needs that NHSN members face during their careers
  4. Foster community and a sense of belonging in mentees that may otherwise be overlooked and compromise long-term retention in research

The foundational work for SAMI was performed by Dr. Jorge Avila with the assistance of several ECLC members and the support of the NHSN Steering Committee. Current SAMI committee members, continuing this work, are:

  • Dr. Armando Salinas
  • Dr. Priscilla Martinez
  • Micaela Lembo
  • Adelis Cruz